Monday, 11 November 2013


According to the Daily Mail's reliable religious affairs correspondent Jonathan Petre, the Church of England's Pilling Commission on human sexuality will recommend to the Archbishop of Canterbury that vicars be encouraged to offer prayers for people who have chosen to have sex outside the God-created institution of heterosexual marriage.

Here is a suggested collect for use by parochial clergy when people in such relationships request prayer in church:

Almighty and eternal God, who through your servant the Apostle Paul has taught Christian people to flee sexual immorality, we ask that you would give all of us who profess the faith of Christ grace to be obedient to your word. If we have chosen to have sexual relations outside the honourable estate of holy matrimony between one man and one woman for life, give us, we pray, the grace of repentance. Empower us, we beseech you, by your life-giving Holy Spirit to exercise self-control and to honour you with our bodies, through Jesus Christ your eternal Son our Lord.



  1. Well said Julian. Presumably this is a tongue in cheek "Collect" that the orthodox, like Julian Mann, would support ? However it is not what some seek, namely a religion that conforms to the "saying something is banned, is banned" philosophy.

  2. This really is an unholy assumption - way beyond your capacity to give judgement on a subject you obviously know nothing about. May God forgive you, Julian!

    1. What is your basis for asserting that this is beyond Fr Julian's capacity to give judgment?

      What is your basis for asserting that he obviously knows nothing about it?

      Plenty of assertion on your part, Father, but no support or reasoning whatsoever.

  3. I've never seen the words 'reliable' and 'Daily Mail' in the same sentence before.